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Phenomics Australia's Biobanking service provides a database and cryobank of mouse sperm and embryos essential for discovering and distributing disease models in Australia.

Supported by Phenomics Australia, the Australian Phenome Bank (APB) is both a physical repository and a database of genetically modified mouse strains used in medical research in Australia. The APB operates as a national infrastructure partnership between ANU and Monash and provides essential banking and distribution of mouse strains in Australia. The services of cryopreservation, storage, reanimation, distribution and importation are streamlined into packages to lower costs and protect research.

The APB was established and is still generously supported by the Australian Government (NHMRC and NCRIS). It safeguards and maximises the value of the enormous investment in creating mouse strains for medical research. Centralised repositories are essential if the valuable mouse strains and models that have been developed are to be securely preserved and fully exploited. Ensuring the ongoing availability of these mouse strains preserves the investment made in creating and characterising them and creates a global resource of enormous value.

The APB maintains the cryo-storage of ~4,000 lines produced over the last two decades and provides continued data curation of new lines being produced and made available across Australia and New Zealand to enhance accessibility, sharing and ensure value to the research community.

I want to:
  1. Cryopreserve sperm from my strain
  2. Submit information about a strain
  3. Find a mouse strain
  4. Request interest in a mouse strain, gene or phenotype not currently in the database
  5. Request reanimation of strain from frozen stock

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