Mouse Strain information
APB ID 347
Added 25/09/2006
Last Edited 11/05/2014
Strain name: B6;129S1-Cited2tm1.1Dunw/Apb
Nickname: C2f
Strain designation name: B6;129S1-Cited2tm1.1Dunw/Apb
Strain Types Mutant strain
Genetic Details Targeted reporter
Targeted floxed
ES Cell-Line Used W9.5
Mode of Inheritance Semi-dominant
1.  Affected Gene Name: Cbp/p300-interacting transactivator, with Glu/Asp-rich carboxy-terminal  
Chromosome 10
Affected Gene Symbol Cited2
Protein expression of altered gene: Nil
Genetic alteration of gene: LoxP site inserted just upstream of the ATG, loxP-neo-loxP-lacZ cassette inserted downstream of exon 2. After recombinant neomycin resistant clones were selected, the neomycin resistance gene was deleted by partial Cre recombination in vitro. Cited2 expression replaced by lacZ reporter expression
Location on chromosome (bp): 17443032-17444750 bp, + strand (From Ensembl annotation of NCBI Build 37)
MGI Gene Accession ID

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Synonyms ER154-like, Mrg1, Msg2, p35srj
Allele Name targeted mutation 1.1, Sally L Dunwoodie
Allele Symbol Cited2tm1.1Dunw
MGI Allele Accession ID MGI:3696062
Mutant Construction Technique CRE recombinase-loxP technology
Phenotype Homozygous State Mice homozygous for the conditional allele of Cited2 are viable and no phenotype has been observed.
Phenotype Heterozygous State Normal
Original Genetic Background ES cells (derived from mouse strain 129S1/Sv-p+Tyr+KitlSl-J/+ (Jax stock No. 000090)) were injected into C57BL/6 blastocysts
Genetic Background Currently Maintained 75% C57BL/6, 25% 129S1/Sv
Coat Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Strain identification
How is this strain characterised? Genotyping
PCR protocols To Distinguish the Cited2 wildtype allele from C2F Conditional Allele
Fertility and Strain maintenance
Fertility and Strain maintenance
Relevant bibliographic / database references
Strain Specific References
Other Related References
General information
Associated IP rights? No
Does it Model a Human Condition? Yes
Research value of this Strain Models human congenital malformations and placental insufficiency. Once mated with cre recombinase expressing mice, heart and placental defects are expected like that of Cited2 null allele.
Applicable Research Areas Apoptosis
Developmental biology
Models for human disease
  • Cited2
  • heart
  • placenta
  • left-right axis
Is the strain available in any form to other researchers Yes
APB stock stored as: Cryopreserved sperm (from 13 mice)

APB stock genotyped verified by: Unverified
Are live mice available? No
MTA needs to be signed? Yes



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