Mouse Strain information
APB ID 1637
Added 17/07/2007
Last Edited 11/05/2014
Strain name: C57BL/6-Tg(Nodal-cre)16Hmd/Apb
Nickname: NDE-Cre
Strain designation name: C57BL/6-Tg(Nodal-cre)16Hmd/Apb
Strain Types Mutant strain
Genetic Details Transgenic: CRE
Mode of Inheritance Dominant
1.   Transgene: transgene insertion 16, Hiroshi Hamada  
Mutant Construction Technique CRE recombinase-loxP technology
Phenotype Heterozygous State Expresses Cre-recombinase in node at LB/EHF stage.
Original Genetic Background C57BL/6
Genetic Background Currently Maintained C57BL/6
Strain identification
How is this strain characterised? Genotyping
PCR protocols NDE-Cre
Fertility and Strain maintenance
Fertility and Strain maintenance
Relevant bibliographic / database references
Strain Specific References
Other Related References
General information
Associated IP rights? No
Does it Model a Human Condition? Unknown
Applicable Research Areas Cardiovascular
Developmental biology
  • Nodal
  • left-right
  • Heat shock Protein
  • Mesoderm
Is the strain available in any form to other researchers Yes
APB stock stored as: Cryopreserved sperm (from 11 mice)

APB stock genotyped verified by: The depositor
Are live mice available? Unknown
MTA needs to be signed? Yes



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