Mouse Strain information
APB ID 113
Added 06/02/2006
Last Edited 11/05/2014
Strain name: B6.Cg-Ptprca Tg(BCL2)22Wehi/WehiAnuApb
Nickname: Bcl-2 :B6:Ly5a
Strain designation name: B6.Cg-Ptprca Tg(BCL2)22Wehi/WehiAnuApb
Strain Types Mutant strain
Genetic Details Congenic
Mode of Inheritance Recessive
1.   Transgene: transgene insertion 22, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research ; human Bcl-2  
1.  Affected Congenic Gene Name: protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, C  
Mutant Construction Technique None
Phenotype Homozygous State During an immune response, hypermutation of immunoglobulin genes in B cells proliferating within germinal centres (GCs) generates variant antibodies that react with higher affinity against either foreign or self antigens. Several experiments suggest that self-reactive B cells may be censored at this stage of the immune response, but the rarity of these cells and the dynamic nature of GC reactions have prevented direct analysis. We have developed a new approach to visualize the fate of antigen-specific B cells during GC reactions by seeding an ongoing immune response with lysozyme-specific B cells from immunoglobulin-gene transgenic animals. Administration of soluble antigen at the peak of the GC response rapidly eliminates lysozyme-specific GC B cells in two waves of apoptosis, one within the GC and a second in cells that have redistributed to lymphoid zones that are rich in T cells. Elimination of these cells is inhibited by constitutive expression of the follicular lymphoma proto-oncogene bcl-2. These findings reveal censoring steps that may normally prevent affinity maturation of autoantibodies to systemic autoantigens, and might be used by pathogenic microorganisms or in clinical strategies to interfere with antibody responses.
Original Genetic Background C57BL/6 x SLJ
Genetic Background Currently Maintained C57BL/6
Coat Colour Black
Strain identification
How is this strain characterised? Genotyping
PCR protocols Ly5a/b (amplifluor)
Fertility and Strain maintenance
Fertility and Strain maintenance
Relevant bibliographic / database references
Strain Specific References
Other Related References
General information
Associated IP rights? No
Does it Model a Human Condition? No
Applicable Research Areas Research tools
Immunology and inflammation
Developmental biology
Cell biology
  • B cell
  • germinal centre
  • selection
  • Bcl-2
  • autoimmunity
Is the strain available in any form to other researchers Yes
APB stock stored as: Cryopreserved sperm (from 10 mice)

APB stock genotyped verified by: Unverified
Are live mice available? No
MTA needs to be signed? Yes



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